Children of the Digital Age

Invest in the welfare of children – keep yourself informed

March 21st 2019

Childrens’ Information Day


Parents’ Information Evening @7.30pm 

St Brigid’s NS, Ballysax

Donation is €3 per child or €5 per family

Safety & Privacy settings do not absolutely guarantee that a child is protected online. While it is essential for parents to be aware of online dangers impacting children, it is more important for parents are understand why human nature makes us so vulnerable online.

We are aware that parents are burned out from attending Internet Safety Presentations. While our presentation does contain a Cyber Safety theme, our primary focus is on helping people understand human behaviour in the online world. What is it exactly, that makes us do what we do, when we enter the online world?

Your real world identity is defined by the social groups you interact with offline. Every one of us seeks to be part of a group. But the internet has enabled people to be part of large worldwide groups, through the use of Social Media, Gaming and Apps. An individual’s interaction online, is beginning to define who they are and how they are perceived by others are both online and off. As a result, the number of young people who are succumbing to Mental Illness, Screen, Online, Gaming, Gambling, Social Media and Pornography Addiction is increasing at a dramatic rate.

The feedback we have received from parents who attend our presentations has been second to none.  We are confident, that regardless of age, occupation, technical background or your experience of the online world, you will not have encountered a presentation like this before. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend what many are describing as, “one of the most interesting parent’s information evening you will ever attend”.