Physical Activity

Here in St. Brigid’s N.S we love being active. Pupils are encouraged to be as active as possible during break times. Senior classes have a colour coded set of skipping ropes, basketballs and soft balls to play with. Playground leaders organise fun and engaging games for the infant classes on the front yard. During the drier months the children love playing on the grass and practising their skills. We are very fortunate to have our ‘Raon Reatha’ walking track around the school playing area which is used every day by classes on a rota basis.

Our newest addition to our playground is the all weather equipment which has proved very popular and benefits the children by improving coordination and motor skills and by increasing muscle strength.

Some of our annual highlights include ‘The Witchy Walk’ and the ‘12K of Christmas’ Running challenge.

There was great excitement with the arrival of our new playground equipment. Thanks to the PTA for all their hard work to make this a reality.

Our ‘Raon Reatha’ is used to energise the children through the day, support physical education and promote active learning.

Classes on the front yard love Tuesdays and Thursdays when the playground leaders teach them new games.

Each class undertook our Active Break challenge for 4 weeks and engaged in a variety of activities.

Recently we completed the Olympic Movement Breaks which were great fun. We learned about Irish athletes who will be competing at the Olympics in Paris while keeping active. We will be tuning into their progress during the summer and wish them all the very best of luck!

After all classes completed ‘The Run around Ireland Challenge’ last year we decided to do our ‘Daily K’ challenge in May. This was a great achievement for all classes and there was a great atmosphere on the final day when the whole school did a celebratory lap together! We were inspired by the visit of Skippy John and completed the ‘Climbing The Heights Skipping Challenge’ in October. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm at yardtime as the children were getting their skip count up! 5th and 6th Class were extremely active and well done to them for completing the Marathon Kids programme.

Lots of class trips to local areas take place throughout the year. In June, 1st Class walked to our local strawberry farm and the old school. 4th Class did a guided walking tour of Kildare town and 6th Class did a 5km trek through The Curragh.

Our annual Witchy Walk, 12K of Christmas and Lá Glas activities keep us active throughout the year!

All classes enjoyed our Table Tennis Takeover Day on April 28th. The children learned how to play table tennis and hand tennis. Well done to the Active School Committee and 5th Class for running this initiative.

We had a great day on April 24th 2024 for our Badminton Takeover Day. Ms. Downey and the Active School Committee introduced all classes to the basic grips and shots used in the game of badminton. We were really impressed with how quick the children picked up the skills!