Our School Track ( which will get a dedicated name from the children in the school – a competition for this is being run at present) was officially opened on October 22nd and was blessed by Fr Larkin. The opening ceremony was held after our annual Witchy Walk. We were honoured to have Kate Nurse, a past pupil of the school, in attendance. Kate is studying Economics and Finance at UCD. She also has an Athletics Scholarship in UCD and is a regular and successful competitor on a national level. She encouraged all the children to consider running as a complementary activity to the varied hobbies enjoyed by them. Colm Keane who built the track also addressed the assembled children, staff, parents and friends saying how pleased he was to have been involved in this project. Councillor Anne Connolly also spoke, saying she was delighted to be able to help support the project. We were so pleased to have Fr Larkin bless the track, before the ribbon was cut by Ciarán and Olly – the oldest and youngest members of the school community.

Huge congratulations goes to parent/guardians, staff and friends of the school for raising the €13,000 to build the track. Fundraising was led by the Parent Teacher Association and included running the March Marathon Mission, in which families walked, jogged and ran the length of a marathon during the month of March. Sponsorship of this event was paid into a Go Fund Me page. A Monster Raffle was held in June. Councillor Anne Connolly donated LPT funds to the project and donations were made from many local businesses. The track was built during the summer holidays and was ready for use when school re-opened on August 31st. It has been used and enjoyed every day since then, indeed many times a day. It has been and continues to be an enormous team effort from the huge team of St Brigid’s NS, Ballysax.