Minibeast Project
Sophie was having fun exploring in the garden during the nice weather. In order to follow her interests, she did a project about the minibeasts she discovered.
Super project Sophie! Lots of brilliant information for us to learn.
Billy is enjoying “Charlotte’s Web” with his big brother and decided to draw a picture for the story. Well done Billy – super drawing!
Daniel drew a picture about his hopes for the future! Keep working hard Daniel and you might get to meet the Man on the Moon some day!!

Richie has started a special scrapbook for his time at home. Brilliant idea Richie! Really looking forward to seeing all your work! Have a look below:

A brilliant self-portrait by Zoe. A lovely smiley face, as always Zoe. Super!

Some science at home in the garden!

Keeping up the exercise is so important – especially with the lovely weather we have been having! Can’t wait to see your new football skills Saul!
Jigsaws are a great way to exercise our brains! Great for short term memory, visual and spatial reasoning, hand-eye co-ordination, fine motor skills (and family bonding!)
Nice work Saul!


Great letter and number formation practice going on in Ballysax! Have a look – can you spot your work!