2nd class have been very busy at home! They have been completing projects on animals of their choice, doing some research on the solar system, learning about spring and learning lots of new skills while enjoying the beautiful sunshine:)

Lucy’s fantastic project on Elephants containing very interesting facts. Did you know an elephant’s trunk has 100,000 different muscles?


This is Cora’s wonderful project on elephants. Did you know they can eat between 200 to 600 pounds of food a day? Well done Cora:)


This is Calum’s brilliant project on the Poison Dart Frog. Check out all the colour variations of the Poison Dart Frog!


Calum’s model of his own Movie Planet as part of 2nd classes work on The Solar System. What a fantastic planet! I think we would all love to be living on it:)


This is Faith’s excellent project on Tigers. Did you know that they can jump over 5 meters in length?


Check out Eila’s terrific project on the Toucan which has loads of interesting fun facts! Well done Eila:)

Isobel’s fantastic project about The Siberian Tiger. Did you know that they are an endangered species?


Eila was out spotting the signs of spring!


Luke enjoying the beautiful sunshine while reading his book!


Stella out enjoying the beautiful weather and spotting some lovely daffodils. Spring at its best!


Lucy’s beautiful St. Patrick’s day artwork. Great job Lucy


Katie learning how to knit with her mam! Well done Katie, cant wait to see the finished product!


Katie made a delicious cake for  her mom for Mother’s Day!


Katie working hard to construct her own house for a mouse!


Luke learning how to make delicious pizzas:)


Katie’s finished product, well done:)

This is Calum’s creative mouse house. He has even made him a pool… what a lucky mouse!
Eila’s brilliant spring acrostic poem!