An information evening was held in our school last night.  It was facilitated by a Speech and Language Therapist and Occupational Therapist explaining how they hope to enhance learning for every child in the school using new strategies.  The focus of the pilot project is to demonstrate the benefits of having therapists attached to schools.

Ms. Reddy was delighted with such an excellent turn out last night as it shows how interested and supportive the parents are in our school community.  She also understands that not everybody was available to attend but is anxious that parents have access to the material presented to allow everyone the opportunity to be involved.  An email has been sent to each family with the relevant information on the speech and language element of the programme which is called Talk Time.  This programme is being taught in every class in the school and can be supported by everyone at home.

The Occupational Therapist last night explained to parents the meaning of self-regulation and the importance of enabling children to learn to regulate themselves, and therefore put themselves in a better place for concentration and learning.   We are awaiting an information leaflet from the OT and as soon as it is available to us we will email it to all families.

Thank you for you support and input and we look forward to reaping the benefits of these programmes going forward in school.