Rang a Sé can Knit!

We’ve been working hard to learn how to cast on, knit and cast off in sixth class. We all love knitting now and find it really relaxing! We’re hoping to make a patchwork quilt as a class with everyone knitting at least one square. Stay tuned for the end result!  

Easter printing in Rang a Sé

Ms Rooney came to visit Rang a Sé this week and helped us make Easter themed prints using a screen printing technique. Firstly we decided in our groups what our picture would look like and designed templates based on an Easter theme. Then we placed the template under a wooden screen which had a really […]

Viking Longboats

  From this: To this: 4th class recently combined recycling with their History topic of The Vikings. They produced lovely longboats and learned a lot about the Viking Era.

Art: Fabric and Fiber

The boys and girls have worked on a few projects using fabric and fiber. They discovered the many differences there are in the clothes that we wear. Trey experimented with weaving using hessian and ribbon. The children really enjoyed this activity.           

BizWorld in 5th Class!

5th Class had a really enjoyable 2 day workshop last week.  Patricia from Bank of Ireland came to deliver BizWorld to us. In teams, we thought of a business idea or product, and had to interview for different jobs within our company.  Each team then designed a logo and catchphrase, and prepared a business proposal […]

Ready Set Go Maths

As part of team teaching, Ms. Jones, has been working with Junior Infants children as part of the Ready Set Go Maths programme. Last week we were working on the formation of the number 2. First we learned our rhyme to help us remember how to form the number and then we used paint bags […]

Britain and Brexit

We have been learning about Britain in SESE and had a really interesting discussion on Brexit. We learned that England, Scotland and Wales are the countries in Britain. The capital of England is London and the national emblem is a rose. The capital of Wales is Cardiff and the national emblem is a leek. The […]