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Building a Church

Junior and Senior Infants were given the challenge to draw or build a church with all the important features. Here are some of their creations:

2D Shapes in Art!

The girls and boys have been learning about 2D shapes. We have looked for shapes in our classroom and school. We have traced around shapes to make pictures. We have cut around shapes and stuck them down to make pictures. We have learned poems to help us remember the attributes of shapes. We have looked […]

Fine Motor Skills

We are working on our fine motor skills in Junior and Senior Infants. These activities help to strengthen our hand muscles and develop the movement in our hands and fingers. These activities are a great help to us as we begin to learn how to use our writing pencils for drawing pictures, colouring and writing. […]

Art: Fabric and Fiber

The boys and girls have worked on a few projects using fabric and fiber. They discovered the many differences there are in the clothes that we wear. Trey experimented with weaving using hessian and ribbon. The children really enjoyed this activity.