First Class are busy at home

            Sophie has been keeping herself very active while at home, getting lots of fresh air, planting seeds and she decided to use her gymnastics skills to create her ‘Make a Bridge’ project. Well done Sophie and looking forward to seeing your flowers when they grow!

2nd class working at home!!!

2nd class have been very busy at home! They have been completing projects on animals of their choice, doing some research on the solar system, learning about spring and learning lots of new skills while enjoying the beautiful sunshine:)                            


In St Brigid’s NS, Ballysax, we have been using the MindUP programme since January of this year. All members of staff have been trained in the programme and it has been received with enthusiasm by the children in our classes. MindUP is the signature program of The Goldie Hawn Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, created in […]

3rd class working from home

The boys and girls in third class have been busy at home. Some of the children emailed me their projects so we could share them on our website. Click on the links to view the powerpoint presentations. Keep an eye on the website for more updates over the coming days. Most importantly I hope you […]

Dublin Zoo webcams

Dublin Zoo have free webcams so you can still look at the wonderful animals! Catch a glimpse of the giraffes, zebras and rhinos on the African Savanna, get a birds-eye view of the penguins or watch the wondrous herd of Asian elephants bathe and chomp on their lunch with our webcams. Feeding time is usually […]

Emoji maths puzzles

Try solve some of the emoji puzzles like the ones below! Visit to find lots of puzzles and the answers or download the solvemoji app                      

Community Games

Community Games have suspended events due to current conditions. However, that doesn’t mean that activity must stop! The focus of Community Games has always to keep children fit both physically and mentally and with this in mind, daily challenges are being set, from dancing to painting to doing workouts! Log into Community Games at