Maths week in Rang a Sé

As part of Maths week 2018, we helped first and second class complete their maths trails. Ms Kavanagh said she was really proud of how we looked after the younger children and thought we were really responsible and kind. We really enjoyed it! Have a look at the photos: From Rang a Sé  

Sixth host the 2018 Talent Show

We has the time of our lives hosting the annual Talent Show. It was a lot of organising to make sure the acts from all the different classes were ready, had their props, music and timing right. We had to help each act get ready to go on the stage, make sure they had everything […]

Kindness rewarded in Rang a Sé

Earlier this term, some of the girls in our class went on a Gaa blitz to represent the school. It was noticed by staff members that these girls were particularly kind and thoughtful and very supportive to the younger girls on the team, without anyone asking them to do so. As a result they were […]

Gaa visitor in Rang a Sé

We’re really lucky in sixth class to have participated in Gaa training every week for six weeks with volunteer Darragh. It’s been great to learn new skills but also have lots of fun. Thanks Darragh! Here are some photos of our first training session taken on a beautiful September morning From Rang a Sé

Sixth enjoy Skipping

We had a great day, earlier this term, with Skippy John who taught us lots of new skills in skipping. We’ve been using these skills on yard ever since. Have a look at the photos: from everyone in Rang a Sé  

Soil investigations in Rang a Sé

We really enjoyed learning all about Soil and also learning how to structure a proper experiment and record it correctly. It took a bit of getting used to but we’re now able to write “scientifically “ which will be a great help in secondary school. Here are some photos of our investigation  From Rang a […]

Totems, brains and portraits in Rang a Sé

Sixth  class had a great time learning about Native Americans. Have a look at the Totems we designed. Each of our Totems represent us, who we are, the things that are important to us. This was an extension of our SPHE lesson on who we are, where we filled in profiles of our brains with […]